Daycare Centre

The daycare centre was established in 1997 to provide care for the young children of many of the KTS carpet weaving and hand knitting trainees, as well as some of the KTS staff. These mothers often do not have anyone else to look after their children and many of them will still be breastfeeding. Being strapped to their mothers while they work or roaming around the carpet-weaving looms is not a safe environment for young children and so the day-care centre was created.

The centre is in a clean, bright room with books and toys provided for the children. A teacher and an assistant look after them, giving them snacks and drinks twice a day. While their mothers learn a rewarding and vital skill to create an income for a secure future, the children can play and learn in a healthy, safe environment.

The running costs of the day-care centre are mainly met by sales revenue from KTS products and a small percentage from sponsorship.