Earthquake Update 18 May
We restarted our office from yesterday after the 2nd earthquake. Everyone is still on the edge even when we hear airplane it makes us jump. We hope by getting busy with our work will help us to get rid of our anxiety.... read more
Another Big Earthquake – 12 May
Yet another big earthquake 7.3 rocked Nepal just when people were starting to feel little relaxed and get back to their daily routines. Many people were in their offices when the earthquake hit..... read more
Earthquake Update
We KTS family are very heartbroken to break the news that Mrs Balkumari Maharjan, 38 years old knitwear producer from Bhaktapur lost her life in the earthquake. read more
Earthquake Update 7 May 2015
Our office re-opened on Sunday, 3rd May 2015 after the big earthquake that rocked central Nepal on 25th April 2015. As expected not all staffs were able to resume office on that day as the aftershocks .... read more
Earthquake Update 2 May 2015
There are many staff and producers who live in the neighbourhood of KTS. There were 12 staff and producers whose houses were damaged by the earthquake. Out of which 10 houses were uninhabitable and 2 had cracks. read more
Nepal 7.8 Earthquake update – 1 May 2015
Yesterday, 1 May 2015 we visited our Knitwear Group Leaders at small town of Thecho and Sano Gaun to meet artisans affected by the earthquake. We met with 13 artisans whose home had been damaged and were uninhabitable. read more
Providing Opportunity
KTS is a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting socially and economically disadvantaged in Nepal. We offer training and vocational opportunities as well as income-generating projects. Read More
Empowering Artisans
Training programs in carpet weaving, hand knitting and carpentry opens access to a wide range of employment opportunities. KTS assists in the creation of income-generating programs that directly benefit low-income groups and, in particular, women and the physically disabled. Read more
Educational Programs
Children from the local community earn a broad education at the KTS Nursery and Primary School, and adults are able to participate in literacy programs and classes supported by the organization. Read more

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