Traditional Carpets

Our collection of traditional carpets is produced using 100% Tibetan Wool, in accordance with Fair Trade practice. Here are examples of the designs we produce. You can also custom design your own rug, using your choice of colours. Please contact us for more information regarding prices and shipment costs.

Twist A2

Code: 10/KTS/99

Celtic Key Border

Code: 10/KTS/02 (C )

A2 Key- 5

Code: 03/KTS/01 (C )

Double Medallion

Code: 130/TKTS/03

Tiger Body

Code: 30/KTS/02

Tibetan Flag

Code: 18/KTS/02

Double Medallion

Code: 18/KTS/99


Code: 17/KTS/02

Tibetan Flower Border

Code: 48/KTS/02 (S)

Celtic Square (Light Green)

Code: 25/KTS/02 (C )

Flower Border (Pink)

Code: 129/TKTS/02

Tibetan Flag Border

Code: 004/KTS/05

Geo Key Border

Code: 24/KTS/02 (S)

Zig Zag Border (Green)

Code: 35/KTS/02 (C )

Zig Zag Border (Yellow)

Code: 35/KTS/02

Flower Medallion Border

Code: 005/KTS/05

Zig Zag Border

Code: 156/KTS/04

Celtic Plus

Code:1 27/KTS/02

Flower Medalion (b)

Code: 17/KTS/99

Square Flower Border

Code: 32/KTS/02

Palli Flower

Code: 37/KTS/02


Code: 17/KTS/02 (C )


Code: 007/KTS/05

All Over Celtic Knot

Code: 20/KTS/01

Blue Lotus

Code: 07505


Code: 07554

Dragon Red

Code: 019KTS06MR