Contemporary Carpets

Our collection of contemporary carpets is produced using 100% Tibetan Wool, in accordance with Fair Trade practice. Here are examples of the designs we produce. You can also custom design your own rug, using your choice of colours. Please contact us for more information regarding prices and shipment costs.

Sude Grey

Code: 09802
Knots: 60
Size: 2x4 ft

Socks Black

Code: 08661
Knots: 60
Size: 9'5"x6'6"

Butterfly Banana

Code: 0151199BN
Name: Butterfly Banana
Knots: 60
Size: 2 x 4 ft

Double Stripe Blue

Code: 0161232
Name: Double Stripe Blue
Knots: 60
Size: 2 x 4 ft


Code: 0131065
Name: Diamond
Knots: 60
Size: ft

Flower In Red

Code: 011931
Name:Flower In Red
Knots: 60
Size: 3x5 ft In Stock

Sunflower In Red

Code: 09817
Name:Sunflower In Red
Knots: 60
Size: 4x6 ft In Stock

Square Color Chart In Grey

Code: 0161236
Name:Square Color Chart In Grey
Knots: 60
Size: 3x6 ft In Stock

Wave in brown

Code: 0151212
Name:Wave in brown
Knots: 60
Size: 4x2'8" ft In Stock