All Knitwear

We have a large collection of knitted clothing and accessories. From Cardigans and jumpers to hats and scarves. All our high-quality products are hand knitted by Kumbeshwar Technical School’s producers in accordance with Fair Trade practices. We use 100% pure New Zealand lambs wool and 100% pure Indian cotton. It is hand dyed using Swiss-made, AZO-free dyes. We can also produce our knitwear garments using banana yarn or 100% Nepali silk. Please contact us for more information regarding prices and shipment costs.

Cable Cape

Code: 03081C

Pashmina Cape

Code: 05348C

Melange Cape

Code: 5344C

Cable Waistcoat

Code: 5345C

Shawl Colour Top

Code: 5346S

Pink Holter

Code: 5356V


Code: A007B

Flower Necklace

Code: A025N

Cotton Top

Code: 5378T

Crochet Holter

Code: 5347S

Hole Pattern Baggi

Code: 3083S

Cotton Stripe Top

Code: 5354S

Crochet Cardigan

Code: 5394C

Leaf Hoody

Code: 5397C

Cable Neck Sweater

Code: 5402S

Rib Sleeve Sweater

Code: 5403S

Cawl Neck Poncho

Code: 5418P


Code: 5419P