Nursery & Primary School

KTS is totally committed to creating equal opportunities for all by providing an education for underprivileged children and reducing poverty through skills training and job creation.

The Nursery and Primary School was founded in 1983 to educate low caste local children. There are over 250 children, aged two to 12, who regularly attend the free classes. KTS provides the children with free stationery and books as their parents are unable to afford these. In the pre-nursery, nursery and kindergarten, 120 children also receive a free nutritious meal once a day and the very young ones, two meals a day.

Building on the foundation of an all-round education, KTS also focuses on the importance of extra-curricular activities for the physical, mental and social development of its students. The children are encouraged to integrate across the community through a programme of cultural events, quiz contests, spelling competitions and a children’s club. These activities endorse the KTS belief that there should be equal opportunities for all, regardless of background or circumstances.

KTS is creating a library and computer room to enhance the teaching curriculum, which will help to develop important skills for the modern world in which these children are growing up.

The School is self-sustaining through KTS buyer Global Village Japan sponsorship, Worldwide Friends of Kumbeshwar Kids’ membership subscriptions and revenue from the sales of KTS products. However, the School always need support, both financially and physically. If you are interested in volunteering, please look at the Volunteer section on our website for more information. KTS runs an organisation called Worldwide Friends of Kumbeshwar Kids, which gives you the opportunity to directly support these activities through your membership subscription. Please click on the links for more information.