Nepal 7.8 Earthquake update – 1 May 2015

Yesterday, 1 May 2015 we visited our Knitwear Group Leaders at small town of Thecho and Sano Gaun to meet artisans affected by the earthquake. We met with 13 artisans whose home had been damaged and were uninhabitable. The damages were mostly to the houses made with bricks and mud. Some of the houses’ walls had collapsed on one side and most houses had cracks in the walls making it very dangerous to inhabit. Fortunately, there were no casualties just few minor injuries to their family members caused when fleeing from their home. They are taking refuse in nearby field under a tent or at friends’ house.

We will be visiting more of the affected artisans today.



IMG_8359 IMG_8362





IMG_8376 IMG_8430



IMG_8435 IMG_8437 IMG_8439 IMG_8450IMG_8446
IMG_8288 IMG_8303 IMG_8308 IMG_8336

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  1. Would electronic transfers to KTS Bank Accounts be received direct without interference?

    • Jan Hopkins and Maggie Adams Langley are coordinating fundraising from UK can you please contact them. Thank you.

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