Worldwide Friends of Kumbeshwar Kids

By becoming a Friend of Kumbeshwar Kids, your money goes directly to benefit the children. A large percentage is used towards the running costs of the Orphanage and the balance helps to fund the extra-curricular activities of the nursery and primary school children. With over 150 members worldwide, from such countries as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Nepal, it is truly a global friendship. Several members also support the marketing and sales of KTS carpet and knitwear products.

KTS also welcomes a direct relationship with its orphanage children through the Friends of Kumbeshwar Kids. By building such a relationship with an individual child, you can give them the opportunity of being part of a worldwide family, telling them about your culture and country. A birthday card or some photographs arriving from a foreign country, for example, will be a great joy to them and, who knows, maybe one day you can come and visit them.

You can find further information on how to join our worldwide group of friends in our brochure.

KTS looks forward to becoming friends with you.