Earthquake Update 2 May 2015

There are many staff and producers who live in the neighbourhood of KTS. There were 12 staff and producers whose houses were damaged by the earthquake. Out of which 10 houses were uninhabitable and 2 had cracks. Fortunately there weren’t any injuries or casualties.

It was heartbreaking to see the destruction caused by the earthquake at Bhaktapur where whole communities had lost their homes. It was very upsetting to meet so many artisans and staff who had lost their homes. We visited 17 artisans with damaged houses, 9 had completely collapsed, 5 were uninhabitable and 3 had cracks. There was wide spread destructions in some areas with whole community’s houses flattened. The streets were besieged with building debris that we had to make many detours and sometime even climbing over the fallen houses. We found that 2 of our producers loved ones had died under the fallen houses and 3 had injuries. We are afraid there are still more to come.

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  1. My name was Camilla Bambrough and in 1992 I lived in Kathmandu for a year and worked at Kumbeshwar putting on the play The Princess and The Pea with the children both in English and then Nepali. I had the most wonderful time working with the children and getting to know how warm and lovely your family is and also enjoying your food! I bicyled every day to get to you and I loved my year so much. These pictures are so sad and I would love to give some money to you. I will donate on your page. With love and prayers from me and my family. Philip, Camilla, Felix, Thea and Toby Drinkall


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